About Us


Our history

Citizens Committed for Peace was founded and constituted in 1996. At the beginning its main purpose was to share Jesus Christ Gospel to gang members. It was through this goal that work with gang members living in the mos underprivileged areas started with Soccer tournaments. These served as an open forum so as to establish peace pacts among them. With time the concern about coming generations was raised. Both founder Sara Laguera de Cortázar and current organization president Alma Rosa Gonzalez Ramos decided to increase the impact of their programs (calculated to be 30% at that time). They tacked the challenge of disarming these youth and arming them spiritually through music appreciation, the formation of orchestras, and establishing a peace pact with each child and youth participant.

Since our beginning Ccompaz has work to develop models that develop and implement actions geared to create an attitudes in Ciudad Juarez conducive to peace. Our models bring children and youth to peace education through our main tool, music. Hence for seven years we have implemented the Human Development for a Free Violence Culture model. We have brought it to underprivileged children and youth in their elementary and middle schools as an after-school program where they receive high quality music education.

This constant struggle saw its fruits in the year 2005 where we achieved our first symphonic musical ensemble. Always with with peace education as our axis, and with the dedication and love of each one of our staff. Each performance through out the years attest how the model has offered life alternatives for each of our participants.

It is with great pride that Ccompaz has achieved integrating of some of our first generation of musicians as teacher of the new, while some are music students at Juarez public university and are part of their symphonic orchestra.

Ccompaz is not just a music education program, it provides a holistic alternative for growth for children and youth who benefit with our peace education program. We not only form young musicians, we prepare them spiritually sowing peace through the love of life.


Committed in creating, maintaining and supporting programs that ripen a peace culture.


Disarm materially our youth, children, boys and girls and arm them spiritually so as to construct respect and love for life.

Ccompaz goals:

  • Create consciousness that violence and lack of public safety is a transcendent social problem.
  • Structure and promote peace education programs.
  • Teach new generations practices that respect life, tolerance and peaceful conflict resolution.
  • Partnering with educational institutions, governmental institutions, business, clubs and others to promote peace values.
  • Orient society towards values that elevate Peace: Faith, love, forgiveness, justice, fraternity, purity and truth.
  • Create consciousness in the population that if the factors that generate violence persist so will our society's development. There is no peace.

Our values

  • Peace: Peace is the absence of disturbance, agitation and conflicts. It refers to the absence of violence or war.
  • Love: Love prevents jealousy, ostentation, arrogance and anger.
  • Patience: Patience is what makes you wait for the other to rise.
  • Passion: Passion means giving your self without expecting applause.
  • Respect: To the institution's values and to differences with others.

Short Documentary

A short documentary produced by our friend Jim Pichen.


Music for Peace in Ciudad Juárez (short version) from Jim on Vimeo.